The installation of Facebook Messenger integration couldn't be completed
I can't send messages from messaging inbox

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Troubleshooting: Facebook Messenger integration

Yssel Salas, 30. oktoober 2023

When using the Facebook Messenger integration, you may run into some issues that may interfere with your customer communications. In this article, we provid a few troubleshooting tips in case you run into any technical issues while using the Facebook Messenger integration.

The installation of Facebook Messenger integration couldn't be completed

You tried to integrate the Facebook Messenger app with Pipedrive and received an error message. A few possible causes are:

Someone else connected the Facebook page

The Facebook page you tried to connect to your company account has already been connected in private mode by another admin user.

You can only integrate one Facebook Messenger per account once.

How to fix this:

Ask the admin who installed the integration to:

  1. Change the app visibility setting to "Shared". To do that, the admin needs to go to Tools and apps > Messaging and change the visibility from "Private" to "Shared".
  2. Uninstall the Facebook Messenger app from your company's account and try to reconnect it to the Facebook page. Learn how to uninstall the integration in this article.

I can't connect my Facebook page to a new company account

A Facebook page can only be connected to one Pipedrive company account. If the Facebook page is already connected to a company account, it cannot be connected to a new account.

How to fix this:

  • Uninstall the Facebook page from its respective Pipedrive company page. If you don't have access to that company account, ask another admin to disconnect the Facebook page.


  • Uninstall the Pipedrive Messenger app from the Facebook settings page. Once the Pipedrive Messenger app is disconnected, try reconnecting it within Pipedrive.

Missing permissions

Note that You need to grant all permissions to the Facebook Messenger app during the installation flow. If you don't accept all, you will see the following error message:

How to fix this:

  • Go over the integration flow again, click the "Connect" green button on the Messaging settings page and grant the requested permissions.

Something went wrong

You might receive a "Something went wrong" message during the installation process.

How to fix this:

  1. Go to Facebook's page settings and confirm that the Messenger app has already been installed by Pipedrive. Note that only Facebook page admins have access to that page.
    1. If you haven't installed the app, try connecting it again in Pipedrive. If the error persists, reach out to our Support team.
    2. If another Facebook page admin installed the app, contact them and ask them to:
      1. Uninstall the app from Pipedrive.
      2. Grant you admin rights for the Facebook page.
  2. Try connecting Messenger app to your Pipedrive account later. If the error persists, reach out to our Support team.

I can't send messages from messaging inbox

Your Facebook Messenger integration is active but you can't send any messages through your messaging inbox. Here you will find some reasons why this might've happened:

Facebook user blocked your page

Facebook users have the option to block or mute a conversation with a business at any time, in which case your business will not be able to reach out to that user and send them any messages.

When this occurs, your message will appear as sent but not as delivered. Unfortunately, Facebook does not provide us with API and details regarding this situation.

You can learn more about blocking Facebook Business pages in their Help Center.

Your page was blocked by Facebook due to the Messenger policies violation.

You can check the block reason on your Facebook Page Settings > Page Support Inbox section and send Facebook an appellation request.

You are trying to reply to a user seven days after they contacted your business.

Facebook Messenger for Business has a 24-hour messaging reply window. When a contact sends a message through the Facebook channel, you have 24 hours to reply to them.

The Pipedrive integration extends this period for seven days, meaning you have seven days to reply to your customers from Pipedrive's messaging inbox.

If you exceed this reply time, the chat window will be blocked, and you will no longer be able to reply from Pipedrive. Instead, you will need to reply directly from Facebook Messenger unless your customer sends you a new message; then, you will have seven days more to reply from Pipedrive.

You have a problem with the internet connection

In that case, your messages will not be delivered. To fix the problem, check your internet connection and try sending messages later.

Note: If you are still having issues with your Facebook Messenger integration, visit our Facebook Messenger FAQ or reach out to our support team here.
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