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Exporting data from Pipedrive

There are two ways to export data from Pipedrive. Exporting from the list view will allow you to combine data from different items (Deals, Organizations, and People) to build reports of what you need. Exporting from settings allows you to export all data for each item individually. 

Exporting from the List View

If you want to export custom reports on your deals, organizations, or other items in Pipedrive, you can easily do so from the List View. First, go to the List View of an item and filter for the type of data you want to export. 

For example, if you only wanted to export won deals, you would select the filter All won deals to only pull up deals that fit that criteria. 


Once you have the filter you want, select the data fields you want to export by choosing the columns you wish to see in your list view. You can choose from fields related to Deals, People, and Organizations, mixing and matching data from all three to get the perfect combination of what you need.


To export, click the three dots in the top right of the screen and select Export filter results. Pipedrive will then export all the information that fits the filter and columns that you set.



Exporting from Settings

Another way to export your data is by going to Tools and apps> Export data. The export from settings will allow you to export all data related to deals, organizations, people, activities, or notes individually.

Select the type of data you want to export and click on either CSV or Excel to initiate the export. 


Your export file will then appear in the 'Exports available for download' list, with a green Download button.


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