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Pipedrive comes with a minimalist's approach to CRM; this can be quite enough for many, but let's assume there's more you'd like to have documented than basic names and numbers. Say you want to document a personal mailing address for a contact person, or the job title a person has.

With a custom field, not only will you have the means to document such things, but you'll also be able to categorize your deals & contacts based off of the data in these fields, using filters.

Click play below, to view a segment of our video demo that will demonstrate how to create custom fields, or read the article below for a quick summary.

Customizing Pipedrive


Adding custom fields

Custom fields can be added a couple of ways.

Navigate to Settings > Customize Fields > and select which ever profile type you want to add your custom fields to (People, Organizations, Deals, etc.):

Navigate directly to the profile type you wish to add the field to (Person, Organization, Deal, etc.), and add the field directly within its detail view:

Done! The custom field is available for use in your Pipedrive account.

Tip - Not sure where to add your custom field? Learn more about how your data is organized here.


Where will the custom field appear?

Based on the type of record that you added it to (deals, organizations, people or products), you will see the field in the following places:

1 - Detail pages

Detail Pages (Deals, People, or Organizations depending on where you added your custom field.):

2 - List views

Simply click the settings icon in the far right corner of the list view, and check the fields you want displayed. (in this example Job title):

3 - Add boxes

Custom fields can also be presented for your consideration whenever you choose to create a new person, organization, or deal. Just make sure to select Yes under Show in add new dialog when creating the custom field:

4 - Import page

If importing a spreadsheet into the system, your custom fields are mappable to specific columns in your spreadsheet. Click here to learn more about importing: