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Pipedrive Integration: Trello


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What is Trello?
Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what is being worked on, who's working on it, and where something is in its process.
It is a great project management tool, and we have several Pipedrive teams that use it, so we’re speaking from experience.

How do I get started?

Note: To enable this Power-Up, you will need both a Trello account and a Pipedrive account, and to be an Admin User in that Pipedrive account. 

To enable the Power-Up...

  • Go to the Board Menu of your Trello account, and click Power-Ups.
  • Find the 'Pipedrive' option, and click Enable.
  • Click the Settings button next to the Pipedrive option.
  • Click Edit Power-Up Settings, and then click the Link your Pipedrive account button.

  • Enter your Pipedrive log-in credentials to link your account to Trello.
  • If you'd like to begin creating cards automatically in Trello from Pipedrive, click Settings again and select Auto Create Cards From Deals.

  • Click the Get Permissions button to allow Pipedrive to access Trello.
  • Click Allow when prompted, to confirm. 


Setting up Auto-create

Setting up automatic card creation in Trello is based on three types of rules:

  • 'New deal added to Pipedrive'
  • 'Deal lost or won'
  • 'Deal moved to a specific pipeline stage'

You can choose any of the above, but only one rule can be set up per Trello board.
Otherwise, you may end up with duplicate cards in the same board from similar rules set in the Power-Up.


Why should I use Trello if I have Pipedrive?

While Pipedrive will help you understand where a lead is at within your sales process, Trello may be useful for tracking other tasks that may occur within specific stages in that process. 
For example, if your company does scheduled site surveys at locations, Trello can be used to track specifics steps in the site survey process, while Pipedrive would be used to bring customers into your sales process itself. 

Who can add rules?

Only Trello users that have an associated Pipedrive account. 

Can I add more than one rule?

You can only have one rule per board. If you change the rule, the previous one is switched off. However, you can create multiple boards, each with their own specific rule.

Why do I get an empty popup when trying to log in?

This is likely caused by an ad-blocker program you have installed within your browser or operating system.
To fix this, either temporarily disable your ad-blocker, or white-list Pipedrive within your ad-blocker.

Who can see this information?

All members of a Trello board can see Pipedrive data on that board. Whether you attach Pipedrive deals or contacts to a card manually — or Trello cards are auto-created from Pipedrive data — everyone who is a member of that board can see the data even if they do not have a Pipedrive account.
Those Trello board members without a Pipedrive cannot add, edit, or delete any Pipedrive information.

Note: Your other Trello board members can make the board publicly visible or invite new members.

As a point of emphasis, we suggest only sharing data that you are happy to make public.


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