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Creating your Revenue forecast report
Viewing your Revenue forecast report
Customizing your Revenue forecast report

Insights reports: Revenue forecast

Jenny Takahara, March 1, 2024
Note: The Insights Revenue forecast report is only available on our Professional and higher plans. The number of Insights reports you can have depends on which plan you’re on. You can learn more about usage limits in this article.

Pipedrive's Insights Revenue forecast report enables you to estimate your future revenue, so you can better understand what deals have been closed, and what deals need to be closed.

This lets you plan out your time while having an accurate estimate of the future resources available to you.

Creating your Revenue forecast report

To create your Revenue forecast report, go to Insights and click “+” > Report > Forecast and subscription > Revenue forecast.

Viewing your Revenue forecast report

Note: The revenue forecast report is shown by the total value of open and won deals. Open deals are shown by the expected close date; won deals are shown by the won time.

The Revenue forecast report has the following default filter conditions:

  • Forecast period > is
  • Status > is

These filters can’t be removed, but you can edit the time period and which statuses are filtered for.

Note: Keeping the default status filter means that all of your gained and predicted revenue is taken into account.

Hover over a column in your report to see a breakdown of your existing and predicted revenue.

Cumulative forecast

When viewing your cumulative forecast, the amount of revenue generated/predicted is included in each bar in the report, showing the accumulated revenue throughout the selected timeframe.

  • Open deals – take the expected close date into account.
  • Won deals – take into account deal won time

Regular (non-cumulative) forecast

In the view by (X-axis) filter, select Forecast“ to view your report non-cumulatively. This shows your generated and expected revenue, segmented by the time frame your view by filter is set to.

Customizing your Revenue forecast report

Note: You are unable to view lost deals in this report.

The deals you see in your reports can be adjusted in the filtering section at the top of the report. You can edit the existing filters, or click the ”+“ to add a new filter.

The view by (X-axis) filter is set to Cumulative forecast > Monthly by default, but you can change the time frame or choose forecast rather than cumulative forecast.

Note: The available time periods in the view by section are limited based on the forecast period filter applied to the report. For example, if you filter for a certain year, you can‘t view by day.

The measured by (Y-axis) option lets you choose between viewing your deal value, deal weighted value or a custom monetary field.

Note: Your weighted probability takes into account the stage probability or deal probability you have set.

You can also change the visible fields in your table view by clicking the gear icon.

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