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Detail View

In Pipedrive, the Detail View of specific items contains all of the specific information pertaining to that item. 
Custom fields are deal-, person-, or organization-specific will appear only in their respective Detail View. To learn more about custom fields, click here

The Detail View of a Deal contains any specific information regarding that deal, including activities and uploaded files.
You will also find changelog information for updates made to that deal's status, pipeline stage, or value.


The Detail View of a Person contains any information about that person contact, like that person's email address or phone number.
The changelog information here will display when that contact was added to Pipedrive, what deals have been made in their name, and what organization they may be linked to. 


The Detail View of an Organization displays information specific to organizations, like a physical street address, or any custom field information you have programmed in your Pipedrive account.
The changelog information will display when contacts have been linked to this organization, or when deals have been made in relation to this organization.