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Activities - What they are & how to add them

An activity represents any action on your part towards the closing of a sale. It can be a phone call, a lunch meeting, or even a ritualistic fire-walk. Whatever it is, you can schedule it in relation to a Person, Organization, and/or a Deal.

  • Activities can be synced with Google Calendar.
  • Pipedrive includes a scheduler that will make planning your activities far easier.
  • Associating an activity with a Deal will also associate the activity with the deal's assigned contact Person and/or Organization.


How to add an activity

The Pipeline View

Deal/Person/Organization Detail Views

The Activity List

Google Calendar sync

As mentioned earlier, Pipedrive activities can be synced to Google Calendar. Click here to read more.

Activity scheduler

The scheduler presents you with your entire day's agenda; this helps you schedule your activities realistically, and prevents any overbooking or conflicts. The scheduler also gives you easy ways to reschedule your current activities.

Use the arrows next to the date to move to the next day's agenda, or drag and drop your currently selected activity to move its due date to your desired position.

Custom activity types

Pipedrive comes with a basic set of activity types; but wouldn't you just love to be able to create your own type of activities as well? Well hey! You can! As well as give them their own cute little icon thingy!

To create a new activity type:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Company settings > Activity types. All your activities are listed in this screen.
  2. Click the green Add activity type button to add a new activity type. The Edit activity type screen opens.
  3. Then wisely choose a short yet informative name and beautiful icon for the newborn Activity type.

Voila! A new activity type is up and running! You will also be able to see the new activity type in the Activities Statistics.