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Creating a deal conversion report
Funnel conversion
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Insights reports: deal conversion

Breandan Flood, February 9, 2024
Note: The number of Insights reports you can have depends on which plan you are on. You can learn more about usage limits in this article.

The Insights deal conversion report lets you see how often your deals are being won or lost, so you know where your sales process is succeeding, and where it could use improvement.

Creating a deal conversion report

To create this report, go to your Insights and click ”+“ > Report > Deal > Conversion.

Insights conversion reporting is divided into two types of reports:

  • Funnel conversion reports let you view your deal conversion rate between stages in your pipeline.
  • Win/loss conversion reports allow you to see the overall deal win and loss rates for various groups such as owner, organization and time periods.

Funnel conversion

Note: Deals marked as “Won” in an early stage are displayed in the report as being present through all stages of the pipeline.

The funnel conversion report has three default filters:

  • Pipeline > is > [default pipeline]
  • Deal created > is > this year
  • Status > is any of > Won/Lost

Viewing your funnel conversion report

Note: With the default filters, your conversion report won’t show your win/loss rate compared to the total number of deals in that pipeline. For this measure, use the filter Status > is any of > Won/Lost/Open.

Your funnel conversion report displays your overall win rate. This is the percentage of deals that you have won or lost within your filter parameters.

Below the win rate is a breakdown of the number of deals you should win to maintain your current rate.

Note: This statistic will only show when “Number of deals” is chosen as your measure by field.

Each bar in your conversion chart shows the number of deals that have passed through that stage, and the conversion rate by percent.

Editing or deleting your funnel conversion report

Note: The pipeline > is condition can’t be removed since a pipeline is required to see deal conversion rates.

When your report is generated it will have default filters. You can edit the default filters or add your own conditions using the ”+“ in the bottom left corner.

View by (X-axis)

The X-axis shows all of the stages in your pipeline by default, so you can view the conversion of your deals from each stage to the next. You can click on any stage listed there to remove it from your report.

Measure by (Y-axis)

The Y-axis is set to number of deals by default, but you can also select deal weighted value or deal value.

Deleting your report

If you’ve already saved your report, you can delete it by clicking ”...“ > Delete in the top right corner.

Win/loss Conversion

The win/loss conversion report displays your win/loss ratio regardless of the pipeline.

Creating a win/loss conversion report

When you create your conversion report, select ”Win/loss“ at the top of the screen.

The default filters for a Win/loss conversion report are:

  • Deal created > is > This year
  • Status > is any of > Won/Lost

Viewing your Win/loss conversion report

Note: You’ll need the Status > is any of > Won/lost filter for this report to show as expected.

In this report, you can view both your win and loss rates on the same graph, and hover your cursor over the chart to see a breakdown of the win/loss ratio.

View by (X-axis)

By default this is set to owner, but you can change it to any of the listed filters, as well as custom fields.

Conversion (Y-axis)

The Y-axis is set to number of deals by default, but you can also select deal weighted value or deal value.

Table view

Below your chart, you also have a table where you can see your data by deals or summary:

  • Deals view gives you a detailed list of all of the deals in your graph.
  • Summary view shows information based on the field selected on the X-axis of your chart.

Editing your win/loss conversion report

You can add new filters to your conversion report by clicking the ”+“ in the bottom left corner.

For example, you can add open deals to the status filter, so you can see the percentage of deals being closed as well as the ratio of wins and losses.

In this case, the total close rate for deals owned by Steven in the specified time period is 36% (27% + 9%.)

Note: When editing the filter for your report, you can use default fields or custom fields to add filter conditions.

You can also change the view by (X-axis) and conversion (Y-axis) fields in your chart to alter how your data looks.

For example, in this report the view by field has been changed to pipeline, so you can see how effective each pipeline has been at converting deals into wins.

If you want to change the visible fields in the table view of your report, click the gear icon on the right.

Once you’ve finished creating your deal conversion report, you can add it to your dashboard or share it with your team.

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