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Security features in Pipedrive

Jenny Takahara, April 24, 2024
Note: The features in this article require different subscription levels. For more information about the features in each of our available plans, check out this page.

Pipedrive offers numerous security-related features to give you full transparency of how and when your data is being accessed.

Permission and visibility settings

Permission sets

Users with account settings access can set up permission sets to control what other users can do in Pipedrive, such as deleting deals or editing custom fields.

You can see the full list of actions that can be controlled via permission sets in this article.

The number of visibility groups and default options you have also depends on the plan you are on.

  • Essential and Advanced plans
    One default group and two visibility options: item's owner or all users
  • Professional plans
    One default group plus three customizable visibility groups and four visibility options: item’s owner, item owner’s visibility group, item owner’s visibility group and sub-groups, or all users
  • Enterprise plans Unlimited amount of groups and four visibility options: item’s owner, item owner’s visibility group, item owner’s visibility group and sub-groups, or all users

Visibility groups

Note: You can purchase the team management booster pack to add more visibility groups without upgrading your plan.

While permission sets control what users can do in Pipedrive, visibility groups control what deals, contacts and products users can see. Creating visibility groups is useful if you want certain users to not see specific information in your company account. The number of visibility groups you have also depends on the plan you’re on.

  • Essential and Advanced plans
    Two visibility groups: the item’s owners and followers or the entire company
  • Professional and higher plans
    Four visibility groups: item’s owner only, owner’s visibility group, owner’s visibility group and sub-groups or to the entire company

Pipeline Visibility

Users with account settings access can edit the pipeline visibility settings for users in the visibility groups by de-selecting the pipelines that each group shouldn’t be able to see. By default, all visibility groups will have access to all pipelines.

Visibility groups that don’t have access to specific pipelines won’t be able to see any trace of the pipeline nor deals inside that pipeline in Pipedrive, as the pipeline will be completely hidden from their accounts.

Users with deals admin permission set will always have access to all pipelines and deals, regardless of the visibility group settings. Learn more about pipeline visibility in this article.

2FA: two-factor authentication

The two-factor authentication feature adds an extra layer of security to confirm that the user trying to log in to Pipedrive is actually who they say they are.

When 2FA is enabled, logging in to Pipedrive will prompt an email to be sent to the email address you use to log in to Pipedrive. This email will contain information about the login attempt as well as a verification link that will allow you access to your Pipedrive account.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Many large companies use a third-party SSO service such as Okta and Azure AD to allow users to securely authenticate and log into multiple applications with just one set of login credentials.

Pipedrive's single sign-on feature will allow you to add Pipedrive to the SSO provider your company has set up, allowing for a stress-free Pipedrive login experience for users and a more secure way for administrators to control user access.

Security dashboard

Note: Some security dashboard features are only available on Pipedrive's Enterprise plan. The security dashboard is only visible by default to admin users. Visibility of the security dashboard for regular users can be turned on by admin users under permissions.

The security dashboard feature will provide full transparency of user access information and security-related activity that occurs in your company account.

  • User access and device logs
    Which users are accessing your account and any additional login information such as device, location and login time
  • Audit log
    A log of all of the security-related changes made in your company account by any user in the past two months
  • Security assessment
    A report on what Pipedrive believes are potential security vulnerabilities in your Pipedrive company account, based on current access and permission-related user settings

On Pipedrive’s Essential and Advanced plans, you won’t have access to all of these features, but you’ll have a security dashboard displaying:

  • Users logged in
  • A brief overview of the past week
  • A security assessment showing you high and low-risk issues

Security rules

Note: The security rules feature is available for our Enterprise plan users.

With the security rules feature, users with account settings access can enforce access restrictions to ensure that business data is only available to the right people at the right place and time.

  • 2FA: two-factor authentication
    Enforce two-factor authentication for all users
  • Password rules
    Enforce password-related rules such as password strength, password expiration and password reuse
  • IP address and time range access
    The advanced rules section of the security rules feature will allow you to limit user access by IP address and time range

Security alerts

Note: This security alerts feature is available for our Enterprise plan users.

The security alerts feature will allow users with account settings access to set up email notifications according to security-related events that occur in the company account. The alerts can be configured to send out in live time or in regular daily or weekly intervals.

  • Account access alerts
    Email alert sent when any user access-related activity occurs, such as user logs in from a new device, user logs in from new location, etc.
  • Data leakage and loss
    Email alert sent when data is exported or deleted from Pipedrive.
  • Audit log
    All security alerts can be tracked in the security dashboard under the audit log.
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