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iOS: What features does the app have?

Our mobile apps are a great way to either compliment your Pipedrive desktop experience, or to keep you active and selling on the road.
To download the iOS app for your mobile device, click here.

Here are the features that our iOS mobile app has: 

Feature  Notes 
Deal List View  
 - Pipeline View  
 - Pipeline filter  
Activity List View   
 - List of all your upcoming and overdue activities  
  - Activity list filter  - By time, type, and user 
  - Calendar view of your activities  
Person and Organization List View  
 - List of people and organizations  
 - Filter for people and organizations  
 Deal, Person and Organization Detail View  
 - The flow with notes, activities, emails and files  
 - Custom fields  - As well as editing the values in custom fields
 - Send an SMS  - Via a 3rd party app and outside the Pipedrive app
 - Send an email   - Via a 3rd party app and outside the Pipedrive app
 - Start a phone call   - Via a 3rd party app and outside the Pipedrive app
 - Photo upload   
 - Audio note  
Deal features  
 - Products   
 - Participants   
 - Lost reason   
General features   
 - Search for deals, people, organisations, files, and products  
 - Landscape view  
 - Manual data sync between mobile and app  
 - In-app feedback form and help centre   
 - Offline mode  - Syncs with the web app the next time you are online
 - Statistics Dashboard   
 - Contact import from phone's contacts   
 Mobile-specific features  
  - Push notifications for activities  
  - Widget  
  - Outgoing call tracking