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Email filtering

Note: While this feature is available within the Silver plan, the Email filtering functions are most effective when paired with the Email Sync feature of the Gold plan. To learn how to switch plans, click here.

Pipedrive email filters are really useful for keeping better track of your emails. When you open your email tab, you'll now notice a 'Filter' button:

Whether you're using Smart BCC, or you're on the Gold Plan and have emails integrated with Pipedrive, you can now filter your emails by up to six parameters, making finding the emails you need in a sea of contacts that much easier.

Currently you can filter your emails by any combination* of:

  • Unread
  • Linked with a deal
  • Not linked with a deal
  • Shared
  • Not shared
  • To: me
  • From an existing contact
  • Only with attachment

*Except where the combinations would cancel each other out, e.g. 'Shared' and 'Not shared'