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Goals are a great way of keeping track of your sales objectives, making sure that you and your team consistently meet the targets that keep your business running. And in Pipedrive, the Goals feature allows for you to keep track of that in different ways, giving you the best-possible insight into your progress.

To create goals in Pipedrive...

  • Go to Settings > Goals
  • Click the Add Goal button.
  • Choose the type of goal you would like to track from the provided list.


  • Define the specific details of the goal you would like to track, and click Save


In the case above, Regular User 1 would need to advance €11,010,101 worth of deals per year into the 'Lead in' stage of the pipeline in order to meet their goal. Looks like they'd better get to work!

Note: 'Value of Deals Advanced' and 'Value of Deals Won' will only track deals valued in the specified currency. For example, if you set a goal of advancing deals worth £100 a month, and then advanced one deal worth $1000, the goal would not be met.

When setting goals, it is important to consider the time-frame that the goal will be judged by.

  • Weeks start from the beginning of the working week.
  • Months start from the beginning (1st) of the calendar month and finish on the last day of the calendar month.
  • Quarters are three-month periods of time, that start from January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, and October 1st, respectively.
  • Year is a calendar year from the first of the month when the goal is set.

Once set, goals can be tracked by going to Settings > Goals.
Admin Users in the Pipedrive account will be able to track all goals set for the company account.
Regular Users will only be able to follow the progress of their own goals.

Note: Goals are only progressed by a user's actions within Pipedrive, and cannot be otherwise adjusted.

For goals relating to pipeline stages, you'll also see a piechart appear next to the stage name in your pipeline. This allows you to quickly track your progress thus far and how much further you have to meet your goal. 


Note: To allow for differences in sales processes and expectations, goals are individual and cannot be set for multiple people or for a whole team. To set a goal for a group of people, the same goal must be set up for each person individually.