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Why aren't my deals being counted towards my 'value' goal?

Note: If you are using the Insights Reporting, you will not have access to the goals feature. Goals will be released on Insights by October 2020. 

'Value of Deals Advanced' and 'Value of Deals Won' only track deals valued specified currency. So, for example, let's say you set a goal of advancing deals worth £100 a month, then advanced one deal worth £10 and one deal worth $1,000.

The goal for that month would not be met as less than £100 of deals valued in £ were advanced from the specified stage. The deal of $1000 is not counted as it's in $ and not £, so only the deal of £10 is counted which is not enough to reach the £100 goal.

The way to solve this if you're working in multiple currencies is either to set up multiple goals, one for each currency (if you have currency-specific targets), or to convert the value of your deals into one currency before they're won or reach the specific marked stage.

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