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Team Goals

Note: The Team Goals feature is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Professional and Enterprise plans. If you are using the Insights Reporting, you will not have access to the goals feature. Goals will be released on Insights by November 2020. 

If you are just getting started with Pipedrive, you can check out our Make sales results easier to predict Pipedrive Academy course.

Goals are a great way of keeping track of your sales objectives, making sure that you and your team consistently meet the targets that keep your business running. In Pipedrive, the Goals feature allows for you to keep track of that in different ways, giving you the best-possible insight into your progress.

Specifically, goals for your Pipedrive teams allow for you to manage your company's progress on a more granular level, without the distraction of considering how users are performing within the entire company itself.


To add a goal to a Pipedrive team, go to Progress > Goals, and click the Add Goal button.

Note: Admin Users can create user, company or team goals in Pipedrive. Manager users can create team goals for teams they are the manager of. 

When creating a goal, you will need to provide certain information about that goal.

  • Assignee
    Which team is the goal assigned to? To create a goal for a Team in your account, select 'Team' and then choose the intended team from the second dropdown menu.
  • Goal type
    What would you like to track? In Pipedrive — as in sales — the most important metrics are the setting and completion of activities, in order to better win your deals. You can easily set goals for both deals and activities here.
  • Pipeline
    What pipeline does this team goal apply to? You can have it apply to all pipelines, if necessary, but your process may dictate tracking the progress within specific pipelines. Activities can be tracked globally — that is, without a specific pipeline — if specified here.
  • Expected outcome
    What is the desired target for this team goal? You may specify if you want to track the quantity or value of goals that you are looking to judge your goal based on.
  • Goal interval
    How frequently do you want to measure this outcome? Goals can be measured weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. Please note that goals are adjusted based on the interval selected when displayed in Progress. For example, when a monthly goal for 10 deals in displayed annually, the goal will be displayed as 120 deals.
  • Goal duration
    How long will this team goal stay active? All goals need an end-date, and you can choose between this month, next month, this quarter, next year, this year, next year, or a custom timeframe.

Once your team goal has been created, you will be able to keep track of the goals have created for specific teams in your company in the Goals section of Pipedrive, along with any other goals you have created.


To keep track of the progress of your team goals, you can use the Progress section of Pipedrive. These team goals can also be tracked in the Dashboard, by going to Progress > Dashboard. To learn more about the Dashboard feature in Pipedrive, click here.


To quickly jump to the metrics of a team's progress towards a team goal, click on the upward arrow button associated with that specific team goal, when in the Progress > Goals portion of Pipedrive.


In order for users in your company Pipedrive account to be able to view progress in a goal, they will need be part of a permission set that has See company statistics enabled, and may also need further permissions.
For more information about permission sets in Pipedrive, click here.

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