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Goals are a great way of keeping track of your sales objectives, making sure you and your team consistently meet the targets you need to meet time after time.

To set them up, go to Settings > Goals, and click on 'Add Goal'. You'll then be presented with the following options:



NOTE: 'Value of Deals Advanced' and 'Value of Deals Won' only track deals valued specified currency. So, for example, let's say you set a goal of advancing deals worth £100 a month, then advanced one deal worth £10 and one deal worth $1000.

The goal for that month would not be met as less than £100 of deals valued in £ were advanced from the specified stage. The deal of $1000 is not counted as it's in $ and not £, so only the deal of £10 is counted which is not enough to reach the £100 goal.

Pick which option you would like to track, then in the next step you'll need to set up the parameters:


In the case above, Dave Pipe (in this case, the user setting up the goal) would need to advance 11,010,101 deals per Month into the 'In production' stage. Looks like Dave Pipe better get selling!

Note: Different time frames have different start points: Weeks start from the beginning of the working week. Months start from the beginning (1st) of the calendar month and finish on the last day of the calendar month. A year is a calendar year from the first of the month when the goal is set. The beginning of time periods currently can't be customized.

Once you've set your goal, you can track them under Settings > Goals. If you're an admin, you'll also be able to see the goals of your team members as well as your own.

For goals relating to pipeline stages, you'll also get a small piechart next to the stage name in your Pipeline. With our example above, we can see below that Dave Pipe has been working hard and has reached two thirds of his goal. Just 3,670,033 deals left to go!



Note: To allow for differences in performance in your team, or different sales processes and expectations, goals are individual and can't be set for multiple people or the whole team. To set up a goal for a group of people, the same goal must be set up for each person individually.