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Creating a lead conversion report
Viewing your lead conversion report
Customizing your lead conversion report

Insights reports: lead conversion

Yssel Salas, August 29, 2023
Note: The number of Insights reports you can create depends on your plan's caps. Learn more about usage limits in this article.

The lead conversion report features your percentage of converted leads.

Creating a lead conversion report

To create a report for your lead conversion data, click the plus "+" sign next to the search bar, then Report > Lead > Conversion.

By default, the conversion report will display the leads created this year.

Viewing your lead conversion report

This report shows the leads-to-deals conversion rate for various groups (e.g., lead source, creator, time periods, etc.).

Column chart

The columns in this report display the percentage of the measure by (conversion) field of your total. For example, in the picture below, one axis shows the conversion rate by lead value and the other lead source. (like WebForms, Chatbot, etc.)

This means that each bar in the chart displays the value of converted to deal for a specific source.

For example, if you have 10 Leads valued at $10 each and you convert 6 of them, the total converted value is $60 out of a possible $100, amounting to an overall 60% conversion rate by value. But if the source you're looking into is converting fewer prospects, this will be reflected in the report.

The chart supports the following custom fields:

Conversion (Y-axis)View by (X-axis)
  • Any numerical or monetary custom field
  • Lead value (converted to default currency)
  • Number of leads
  • Lead created on
  • Lead closed on (archived or converted to deal)
  • Contact person
  • Creator
  • Currency
  • Label
  • Lead source
  • Organization
  • Owner
  • Team
  • Custom date
  • Custom multiple options
  • Custom organization
  • Custom person
  • Custom single option
  • Custom user


The scorecard report always shows the percentage of converted to deal leads with the defined filters and conversion metric.

The scorecard supports the following fields:

  • Any numerical or monetary custom field
  • Lead value (converted to default currency)
  • Number of leads

Customizing your lead conversion report

When your report is generated, it will have a default filter. You can edit the default filter or add your own conditions.

The X-axis will show all lead sources by default, so you can view the conversion rate of your leads from each source.

You can also view by custom fields, date fields and other fields.

Note: Only Professional and Enterprise plan users will be able to use deal/lead custom fields for filtering and building reports in the visual builder (measure by, view by). All plan users can use deal custom fields in tables.

Once you have finished creating your deal conversion report, you can add it to your dashboard or share it with your team.

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