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How to cancel a paid subscription

We hope you love Pipedrive, and if there's anything we can ever help with, our support team is just a click away using the 'Talk to us' button in the app

However, if you would like to cancel your paid Pipedrive subscription, you can do that by going to your settings page, then clicking on 'Billing' on the left hand menu.

From there, if you're a paying customer you'll find 'Cancel my subscription' in the bottom right hand corner. Click that, and follow all the subsequent steps in the notification window. Once your account is cancelled, you'll receive an email from us to the email address listed in your billing details.
As such, please make sure your billing details are up to date before cancelling your account.

Once this is done, your Pipedrive users will have continued access to Pipedrive until the end of the billing cycle, as you have already paid for that period.
So, for example, if your next billing date is the 26th of January and you cancel your account on the 23rd, you would have 3 more days of access before the account is closed. If you cancel on the 27th of December, you would be left with a full period of access.

The same applies for an annual subscription. This means that, sticking with the example of the 26th of January, if you cancelled you account on June 3rd, it would still be active until the following 26th of January as you have already paid for the full year.

Note: If you don't receive an email to the email address you entered in your billing details confirming the cancellation of the subscription, your account has not been cancelled. Please follow the above steps and, if you still don't receive an email, contact support.