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Why are my Settings different than in Pipedrive's articles and videos?

Note: The user that creates the Pipedrive account is automatically an Admin User. Any Admin Users added later can demote that original user if needed. 

You may be wondering why your settings page looks different than what you've been seeing in some of our training material. This is most likely because you're not an admin user in your Pipedrive account.
In Pipedrive, there are 2 types of users — Regular Users and Admin Users.

Admin Users have full control and visibility over the entire account, with the exception of private emails. They also cannot delete themselves or take away their own administrative rights — only a fellow Admin User can do so. Pipedrive can have as many Admin Users as needed.
Regular Users are subject to the permissions established by any Admin User in the company Pipedrive account.

If you need to become an Admin User, any existing Admin User in the Pipedrive account can click here to learn how to do so.

Admin User

All the same rights as a Regular User, but with the following additions:

  • Update the billing information for the account
  • Add, remove, or edit users in the account
  • Change the Pipedrive company account name
  • Control company visibility and permissions
  • Create goals for other users
  • Create and edit custom fields
  • Create and edit pipelines and stages
  • Control VOIP configurations
  • Create and monitor Webhooks throughout the account
  • Enable any account-wide features
  • Full visibility to every deal, person, organization in the company Pipedrive account
  • Import and export Data 

Regular User

All the normal day to day functions of Pipedrive:

  • Access to personal API keys (unless otherwise revoked)
  • Access to personal integrations (Google Contacts, Mailchimp, etc.)
  • Add/edit rights to any deal, person, or organization that the user has access to
  • Change/update own email address (as long as that email doesn't exist in Pipedrive already)
  • Change personal password
  • Create personal goals
  • Create/edit filters in the List View
  • Establish personal activity reminder emails and notification emails
  • Establish personal User Interface settings
  • Establish personal email integration settings
  • Create and monitor Webhooks for themselves