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General Billing FAQ

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How do I pay for Pipedrive?

In order to begin a Pipedrive subscription, we require valid billing information.

For customers in the US and Canada, we accept payment with VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB credit cards, as well as payments by PayPal.

For customers paying in British pounds in the UK we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

For customers in the rest of the world paying in US dollars or Euros, we accept payment via VISA or MasterCard, and payments by PayPal.

How do I enter my credit card information?

In order to provide your billing information while still in trial:

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing
  • Click on the Add billing Details link. 
  • Enter your credit card information and Update. Done!


If your Pipedrive trial has expired, you will be taken to a page to provide billing details when you log into your account. Once that billing information is provided, your access to your Pipedrive account will be immediately restored.

Can I pay for Pipedrive using anything other than a credit card?

You can either pay for Pipedrive using a credit card, or via PayPal. Click here for more information on paying via Paypal.

We cannot accept payments by check, purchase order, or through any online payment processing other than PayPal, like Bitcoin. We do not accept invoices to be paid at a later date.

What will happen when my trial expires?

If you have not provided valid billing information before the trial expires, access to your account will be restricted. Your attempts to log into your account will take you to a page requesting billing details. Once those details are provided, your Pipedrive subscription will begin and you will immediately be given access to your account.

If you have provided valid billing information before your trial expires, then your Pipedrive subscription will begin upon the expiration of your free trial. 

Can I access all my invoices?

Yes! You can easily see a record of all invoices generated by your company account in Pipedrive. 

  • Navigate to Settings > Billing
  • Click on the See All Invoices link. All your invoices are listed in this screen. 

From this page, you can download copies of these invoices as .pdf files. This may be useful if you have an Accounting department, or if you prefer to print out copies of invoices to maintain physical records of your various costs. 


My payment information isn't saving - what do I do?

If you are still in trial and find that your billing information is not saving correctly, please contact our Support team. They will be able to help troubleshoot, and provide you with information to get you on your way.

If you have an existing Pipedrive subscription and your information will not update correctly,  or you are being given an error, you may wish to contact your bank (or, if paying by PayPal, then contact PayPal) and inquire about any issues. If that does not provide sufficient answers, please contact Pipedrive support and they will work to provide some further information.

Do I need to call you to get started, or do I need to set up any licenses?

Nope! Since Pipedrive is a subscription-based service, you can get started immediately and without much difficulty. Just sign up for a free trial of Pipedrive, and provide your billing information prior to the trial’s expiration.

If you want other users to join you in your company Pipedrive account, you need only invite them!

I paid for a user, but I just deactivated them. What happened to the money?

For more information on how billing is affected upon deactivating users from your account, we suggest reading through this article.
What happens to my billing when I deactivate a user?