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Pipedrive Tiers: Silver, Gold, and Platinum - FAQ

Q: Are there any limits to upgrading and downgrading between plans?

A: The Admin Users of the account can easily switch between the tiered Pipedrive plans. When moving between plans, any unused balance from the previous subscription will be provided back to the account as a prorated credit, to be used for any future invoices. Switching between plans can be done at any time in the billing cycle by going to Settings > Billing > Change plans.

Q: I have an "old" price that is cheaper than the advertised amount. If I find the Gold plan isn't for me, can I go back to my 'old' plan later?

A: You can change between plans, but any changes in plan will update the cost to the current cost of that plan, not the previous cost you may have been on.

Q: Do I need to select my plan before I start my trial?

A: Currently, new trial users are defaulted to our Silver plan. By providing billing information, the Admin User is able to also try out the features of the Gold plan during the trial period. As this would still be a trial period of Pipedrive, the provided billing information would not be charged until the end of the trial. At the end of the trial period, a subscription will be created under the Gold Plan, unless otherwise adjusted before the trial end date.

Q: Does everyone using our Pipedrive account need to be on the same plan?

A: As subscription plans are for the company itself — and not for each of the users — then the entire company account will be on the Silver, Gold, or Platinum plan. For example, you’d like to use the productivity-enhancing features of the Gold Plan, all of the users on your account will be upgraded to that plan as well.

Q: How do I know how much storage my company is using?

A: There is currently no way to check storage used in the app and we're working on ways to make that information available. Users who are close to hitting storage limits will be notified well in advance. Service is not interrupted after hitting these limits and no-one will be upgraded to a higher plan automatically.

Q: If we have used more storage space and downgrade do we lose data?

A: No. Data over storage limits won't be deleted after downgrading. If the amount of data exceeds the limit, we may get in touch to ask for the voluntary removal of some of the files, but nothing will be deleted by us.


Q: Do the new storage limitations apply to customers that have signed up before Pipedrive introduced multiple price tiers?

A: Yes they apply to “old” customers too. It's worth noting that this feature is meant to manage use cases with extremely heavy data storage/transfer; this shouldn't have any impact for most customers. We want our customers using Pipedrive actively and this includes not having to think about size of attachments.