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Can I be notified of changes made in Pipedrive? - Notifications

Yes you can, if you are either the owner or follower of the items or users you are looking to be notified of. This means you can be informed whenever somebody adds notes, activities, changes data, or does just about anything to your deals, people and organizations. Not sure how to follow? Refer to this article here to learn all about following. You can be informed of these changes in several ways:

Notification bell

Any updates to objects you own or follow (people, organizations, deals, etc.) will be available in the notification bell.

Notification emails

Notification emails will summarize all updates you'd normally see in the Notification bell into an email. This is a feature that must be enabled under Settings > Features. Once it's enabled, each individual Pipedrive user must configure their email delivery preferences under Settings > Personal > Notifications.

Note: If you read the notifications in your Notification bell before the Notification email has been sent, Pipedrive will NOT include these notifications in the Notification email since they've already been read. If you do want to receive it in your email, don't open the Notification bell.

API request

With a little programming wizardry, you can use our RESTful Pipedrive API v1. This API uses a JSON format for output and is capable of handling CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) requests. The API is stateless – all requests are validated against an API token. The API token can be obtained manually from the Pipedrive app, or via fetching the Authorations objects.

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