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Revenue Forecast Report

Note: The Revenue Forecast Report feature is one of the many useful features of Pipedrive’s Professional and Enterprise plans. To learn how to switch plans, click here

A good part of managing high-levels sales is making educated decisions regarding the revenue of your company. In order to allow you to make the most educated decisions using the most relevant data, Pipedrive has created the Revenue forecast report.

To access this report, go to Progress > Reports, and select Revenue Forecast, under the Sales Performance header.

This specific report provides insight into the money that your company should likely be receiving soon. Calculated from the WON and OPEN deals in your account — and adjusted based on probability, unless disabled — this should assist you with planning for the incoming revenue, which should then assist you with knowing where you have the ability to improve your company.

The WON deals in the Revenue Forecast Report are calculated based on each deal's won date, while the OPEN deals are calculated according to each deal's expected close date.

This report can only be adjusted by Deals to see the OPEN and WON deals that can dictate your company's incoming revenue.


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