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The Followers function provides a Pipedrive user with access to view specific items in Pipedrive, as well as provides notifications on the records they're following. Followers can be added in the Followers section in the Detail View of any deal, contact, or organization.

  • Regular Users can add themselves as followers to Deals, People, or Organizations, if they have the appropriate permission set enabled by an Admin User.
  • Admin Users can add followers to a Pipedrive user's entire profile, providing visibility and notifications to the follower of all actions performed by the followed user.


To see a list of which Pipedrive items a user is following, go to that user's User Profile page.
The User Profile can be accessed by clicking the dropdown menu, and selecting User profile.


Once there, find the user you wish to view, and select the 'Following' tab. Select the category of information you wish to see, and you will be provided with a list of those items that the user is following.


When you've become a Follower, the notification bell icon in the Pipedrive app will display all of the updates regarding items you follow in Pipedrive.
To learn more about notifications in Pipedrive, click here


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