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Syncing with Google Contacts

Pipedrive has the ability to import and sync your Google contacts; creating a 2-way sync which populates your Pipedrive account with contact People. If you update one, it will update the other!

Note - To sync your contacts with Google contacts, you should have your Google account already synced with your Pipedrive account. If not, then follow the instructions in this article: How to sync your Google account.

How to sync Pipedrive and Google Contacts

  1. Navigate to Settings > Personal > Google Contacts.
  2. Click Enable Google contact sync to sync your contacts with Google contacts. The option to select the group of contacts you wish to sync, appears now.
  3. Select a Google contacts group to sync with. Note - "My Contacts" will import every google contact you have; this will include family members, or any other non work related people you may have in your Google account. We often recommend you create a new Google contact group within Google to sync Pipedrive/work-related contacts.
  4. Click Save to sync your contacts with the selected Google contacts group.

Note - It could take up to an hour for your first initial sync to complete depending on server queues.

When adding new contacts to either Google or Pipedrive after you've already synced your accounts, the entry will be mirrored to the other system. You need not worry about updating both systems; they're in a loving relationship and get along well together. If you update one, the other will know.

What data is synced to my people from Google?

Note - After you enable the sync, Pipedrive will create a new data field in your People profiles to document the Instant messenger and physical Addresses of your contacts. 

Pipedrive will sync data from the following Google fields:

  • navn
  • Company/Organization
  • Telefonnumre
  • E-mail addresses
  • Instant messengers
  • Address (limited to 1 address associated with the Person; NOT the Organization)

Important - Any custom fields or notes in Pipedrive or Google will not be synced together.

In addition, if any email address synched within Pipedrive is linked with a Gravatar profile picture, then this will also automatically sync into the contact details within Pipedrive.

Here is an example of a contact that's synced with Pipedrive and Google. Observe what data is synced, and what data is not synced. (Click the image to see a larger version)