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Sales Insights App

Note: Thank you for participating in the beta testing of the Sales Insights app.
We have now concluded this test & based on user feedback have decided not to continue developing the app. Please keep the Pipedrive mobile app updated to get all the latest features we have been working on.

As a sales professional, it’s important to keep track of how your team is performing when you are on the go. With the Sales Insights Mobile App, you can easily monitor any team or individual goals, as well as compare sales performance month to month. 

Installing the Sales Insights App

Android devices:
To download the Sales Insights App for your Android device, you can go to your device’s Play Store, search for 'Sales Insights', and click Install. 

iOS devices:
iOS device users will first need to Install the Testflight (Apple's beta testing tool) by searching for 'Testflight' in the app store. After it's downloaded, you can click on the link here from your iOS device to get access.


Home Page of the Insights App

After you log into the app, you will be brought to a page showing a graph and statistics related to the activity in your Pipedrive account. 

Pipedrive is designed around activity-based selling, and will always encourage you to schedule the next activity in order to close your deals. If you have open deals without activities scheduled, you will see this notification on the screen, reminding you to go to the web-app to create new activities.
You will also see the suggestion to create goals if no goals have been set up for your company account.


If you click on Deals without activities, you will see a breakdown of how many deals without activities each Pipedrive user is the owner of.


Viewing won deal progress

The home page of the Insights App will by default display a graph comparing data from the selected time frame to data from its preceding time frame. You can swipe right or left on the graph to view the data from previous or future time frames. 
You can switch between days, weeks, months, quarters, and years by clicking on the correct tabs above the graph. 


You will be able to click and choose from a drop-down list of your Pipelines if you want to filter your reports by Pipeline.

Under the graph, you can toggle between Value of deals won and Number of deals won to see deal statistics for all of the users in your company account. The graph above this option will be adjusted according to the data you wish to see.

If you want to see the value and number of won deals for each individual user in your account, you can switch between Value of deals won and Number of deals won under contributors. Here you will see a list of the users who contributed to the won deals in your company account. 


You can then click on the name of each user to see further details on the contributions of that user.


From the user detail page, you will see:

  • Contribution towards company goals
  • Deal count and value for won, lost, and added deals
  • Activity type and count for done and added activities


Viewing goal progress

If you have company goals set up, you will be able to see the progress on these goals by scrolling down the screen to the Goals section, and selecting the goal you wish to look at. Here we are looking at monthly goals:


From the goal detail page, you will see: 

  • Goal name and type
  • Graph showing goal progress this time frame compared to the preceding time frame
  • Details of the goal including which pipeline the goal is applied to, goal interval, and goal duration
  • Users who have contributed towards this monthly goal

Goals with time frames that are not the same as your selected time frame will be scaled up or down to show the progress for your selected time frame.
For example, if you have a quarterly goal but are in the yearly time frame view, the quarterly goal will be scaled up to show the equivalent progress it has made in a year.


Switching to another company

If you want to switch to see the data of another company account, you can click on the user icon in the top right corner, and click on Change Company. 


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