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How can I add a description to a file?

When a file is uploaded in an item's Detail View in Pipedrive, it may be helpful to provide a short description of the contents of that file.
Providing a description can save previous time when looking for important uploaded documents in your Pipedrive account.

To add a description to a file...

  • Go to the Detail View of an item in Pipedrive.
  • Find an uploaded file. If you have not uploaded a file, click on the Upload files button, select a file, and upload it to that deal, contact, or organization.
  • Click the ... button found to the right of that uploaded file, and select Add description.
  • in 140 characters, type out the description you would like to add to that file, and click Save.


When that description has been added, it will appear in the Detail View, under the name of that uploaded file.



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