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User types in Pipedrive: account settings (BETA)

Breandan Flood, June 13, 2022

Account settings access is a free seat that will not have access to deals, so will not see deals, leads, pipelines and other core features of Pipedrive. Users with this role can access user management, billing details, company settings, security settings and personal settings.

Giving account settings access

The user that creates your Pipedrive account will automatically be assigned account settings access. This user can then assign account settings access to other users.

Account settings access can be assigned by going to Company settings > Manage users.

Manage User settings

You can then assign access rights by clicking on the "more (...)" option beside the user you would like to give access to account settings. You can then toggle to give the user access to account settings.

Manage user gif
Note: Users can be given deals access as well as account settings. When a user is given deals access, this adds a paid seat to the account.

You can also assign account settings access when adding a user to Pipedrive. During the preview step, you can edit the access rights.

Account settings gif

Company settings

Once you have account settings access, you will be able to access your company settings page to manage your users.

Company settings

Here you can edit your company name and domain, and manage your users. Under "Manage users", you can edit what access roles your users have, as well as what permission set or visibility group they belong to. If you are on Pipedrive's Professional or Enterprise plans, you will also have the option to add your users to teams in this section.


With account settings access, you will also have access to the account's billing information. Click on your icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and select "Billing" to open your account's billing information.

Billing dropdown

In the Billing section, you can manage your subscription, view your invoices, and manage any add-ons such as LeadBooster.

Security center

Note: Pipedrive's security center features are only available on our Professional and Enterprise plans.

You will also have access to the security center. Here you can check account security-related activity and set up rules to trigger alerts.

Security center
  • Your security dashboard displays user login information, devices used to log in, as well as details on exports and shared data.
  • In the security alerts section, you can select what type of security events will trigger security emails being sent to your email address.
  • With the security rules feature, Management users can enforce access restrictions to ensure that business data is only available to the right people at the right place and time.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) allows you to create one set of logins for your users. You can set up an account for them in your own system, and they'll automatically have login credentials for Pipedrive, saving your team time and effort.
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