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What happens to my billing when I deactivate a user?

Upon deactivating a user, you will be asked if you would also liked to remove that user's billed seat.
Read the difference between a billed seat and a Pipedrive user here.


  • If you do remove that now-unused seat, then Pipedrive automatically provides credit for the time remaining in the billing period for that seat after removal.
  • If you don't remove that now-unused seat, then that seat still exists in your account and billing remains unchanged. This allows you to add another user to replace the previously deactivated user easily, without having to process multiple billing transactions.

As an example, let's say a two-user account with a Silver subscription (€12.00 each) deactivates one user half way through the account's billing period.

  • If the now-unused seat is removed, a credit of €6.00 would then be applied to the account. 
  • If the now-unused seat isn't removed, the billing would remain unchanged.

    Note: Any credit in your Pipedrive account will be used towards future Pipedrive invoices.