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What happens to my billing when I deactivate a user in Pipedrive?

When you deactivate a user, you will be asked if you would also liked to remove that user's billed seat.
You can read about the difference between a billed seat and a Pipedrive user here.


  • If you remove this unused seat, you will receive a credit invoice for the time remaining in the billing period for that seat.
  • If you do not remove this unused seat, then that seat still exists in your account and billing remains unchanged. This allows you to add another user to replace the deactivated user easily without having to process multiple billing transactions.

Let's say you currently pay for two Advanced plan ($29 per seat, per month) seats on a monthly billing cycle, with the cycle start date on November 1st. If you deactivate one user halfway through the billing period, or on November 15th, you will have the option to keep or remove that user's seat. 

  • If the unused seat is removed, you will receive a credit invoice with a credit balance of $14.50, for the remaining time left in that billing cycle.
  • If the unused seat is not removed, the billing would remain unchanged, and you will continue to get billed for two Advanced plan seats each billing cycle. 

Any remaining balance on open credit invoices will be used as payment on future invoices.


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