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Updating items in the Detail View

In Pipedrive, the Detail View of deals and contacts contains all of the data pertaining to that item. You also have the ability to edit this information, as well as delete or merge the items.


Updating item details

Changing the name of an item

When in the Detail View of contact or deal in Pipedrive, click on the name to begin editing.
Once you have added the new name, click Save to update your item.


Updating default and custom fields 

Any default or custom fields can also be updated in the Detail View by clicking on the pencil icon, or hovering over the field you want to update.


You can manage your Detail View sidebar to have more control over the information displayed.  

Changing the value of the deal

 When in the Detail View of a deal, click on the value to begin editing. Once your new value is added, click Save for the value to be updated.



Deleting and restoring items

Note: Only admin users have the ability to delete contacts in Pipedrive.

By default, only admin users in Pipedrive can delete deals.  If you do not see the option to delete a deal, we would 
recommend reaching out to the admin user in your account to enable this permission.

If you do have permission to delete deals in the account, you can do so by clicking the ... button, and selecting Delete option from the dropdown menu.


Once a deal has been deleted, this is displayed beside the item name in the detail view of a linked item.


If you wish to restore the deleted item, click on the item name to access the Detail View.  Next, select the ... button and select the Restore option.


If you receive error message ''This item could not be updated'' when editing data in your account, the item may have been deleted.  You will need to restore this item in order to update it.

Merging items in the Detail View

Admin users have the ability to merge deals or contacts in Pipedrive by default.  If you do not see the option to merge an item, we would recommend reaching out to the admin user in your account to enable this permission.

If you have permission to merge items in Pipedrive, you can do so by clicking the ... button, and selecting Merge option from the dropdown menu. 


You will be prompted to search for the item you would like to merge with. 
After selecting the item, you will have the option to select one set of values to preserve in the case of conflict. 
You can then preview your merged item to complete the process.


If you have multiple duplicate items in your account that you would like to merge, you learn about our Merge duplicates feature. 

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