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Pipedrive Integration: Mailigen Syncbot

Note: To set up the Pipedrive-Mailigen integration, you will need to be an admin user on both platforms. 


The Mailigen-Pipedrive integration will allow you to seamlessly connect your sales and email marketing workflow to create personalized email campaigns for your Pipedrive contacts. 

When a contact interacts with an email campaign, for example by opening an email or clicking on a link, you can then set up processes to add deals and activities automatically to your Pipedrive account. 


Syncing Mailigen with Pipedrive 

To sync your Mailigen contacts with Pipedrive, log into your Mailigen account,  go to Tools and Integration > Pipedrive sync, and click on Connect Pipedrive


You will be taken to an authentication flow, where you will have to log into your Pipedrive account and grant access for Pipedrive to access your Mailigen account. 

Your Pipedrive sync setting page will show as Connected if the authentication was successful. 


Selecting a List

Note: You can only sync Pipedrive contacts with one Mailigen List at a time. To switch to another list, you will first have to delete all syncbots. 

The first part of setting up your Pipedrive-Mailigen integration is to select the Mailigen List that you would like your Pipedrive contacts to sync to. You can also create a new list just for this purpose, or use an existing one. You can learn more about Lists in Mailigen in this article


Once you choose the list you want to sync with, you will be prompted to select the Pipedrive data fields that you want to include when syncing Pipedrive contact information over to Mailigen.


For People, the name and email address are mandatory fields and will be selected automatically. You can also include other default or custom contact data fields in Pipedrive. 

Note: If you have multiple email addresses listed under your Pipedrive contacts, only the first one will be synced with Mailigen. 

Can I sync organization information to my Mailigen List? 

When setting up your list information, you can include the organization information you want included in your Lists. Organizations do not exist in Mailigen by default, so they will be added as extra information fields under your contacts.  

Once you've finished selecting the contact fields you want to include in the sync, you can click on Done to confirm your settings.   

Note: Setting up subscriber list fields does not initiate the sync. Data will only be synced once a Syncbot is created. 


Adding a Syncbot

The last step to set up your Mailigen-Pipedrive integration is to add a Syncbot. The page to create a Syncbot has two sections: 

  • Choosing which contacts to sync from Pipedrive
  • Setting up automatic processes for actions to occur in Pipedrive based on Mailigen activity 

To get started, click on Add Syncbot


Can I create multiple Syncbots? 

If you want to set up different automated processes for your contacts, you can set up multiple Syncbots. With each syncbot, you can customize the information you receive in Pipedrive based on different contact groups. 

Note: While you can have more than one Syncbot, you can only have one subscriber list synced.  


Syncbot: One-way contact sync

In the first section you will select which Pipedrive contacts you want to sync to your selected Mailigen List. You can choose to Sync contacts to Mailigen based on two conditions:

  • Sync all Pipedrive contacts— This will add all of your Pipedrive contacts to your Mailigen list. 
  • Sync only contacts that match this Pipedrive filter— If you don't want to add all Pipedrive contacts, you can create a filter for the ones you want to sync. Please be aware that the filter sync runs every fifteen minutes, so you may not see your contacts in Mailigen immediately. You can learn more about creating filters in Pipedrive for your contacts in this article


The contact sync between Mailigen and Pipedrive will go one way, from Pipedrive to Mailigen. Data will be synced regularly, meaning any updates to synced contacts in Pipedrive will also show up in Mailigen.


Syncbot: Automatic processes from Mailigen to Pipedrive 

In the second section you will set up automatic events to happen in Pipedrive based on events that happen in your Mailigen campaigns. Please be aware that there may be a short delay with the automatic processes before you see your items in Pipedrive.


Under the activities tab, you can set up automations for activities to be created when a certain condition is met for your contact. You will be able to choose the number of times an event has to happen to trigger the activity, and the type of activity you want to create. 

All created activities will be assigned to the contact owner. 

  • Track opened emails— Create an activity after a certain number of emails are opened by a contact
  • Track sent emails— Create an activity after a certain number of emails are sent to a contact 
  • Track links clicked in emails— Create an activity after email links are clicked a certain number of times by a contact 
  • Track bounced emails— Create an activity after a certain number of emails have bounced 



Under deals, you can set up automations for deals to be created for when emails or links are opened in Mailigen. You will be able to select the number of times an event has to happen to trigger a deal creation, and the owner, pipeline, and stage of the created deal. 

  • Create a deal based on opened emails— Create a deal for your contact after a certain number of emails have been opened by a contact 
  • Create a deal based on links clicked in emails—  Create a deal for your contact when links are clicked a certain amount of times by a contact 




Since the contact sync is only one way, contacts created or updated in Mailigen will not reflect in Pipedrive by default. However, under inside your list settings, it is possible to set it up so that your new subscribers joining the list are also added to Pipedrive as contacts. You can also select the user that will be the owner of these new contacts.

Add a note to a contact person when a certain event happens: 

  • When a subscriber opens campaign email
  • When the subscriber clicks on a link in email
  • When an email is sent to the subscriber
  • When an email bounces 


You will have to select the option to confirm that the contacts selected have subscribed and agreed to receive emails/SMS messages before Saving your Syncbot.  


 You will now see your new Syncbot under the Syncbots tab including it's last synced, Pipedrive filter, Pipedrive actions, and active status information. 



Updating or deleting your Syncbot

If you want to edit or delete an existing Syncbot, you can click on the '...' icon under the Syncbots tab. You cannot change the subscriber list of an existing Syncbot, but you can update the automated processes. 

If you delete a Syncbot, no synced information will be deleted but all syncing will stop until the connection is restored. 


Updates to your subscriber list 

If you go to the Settings tab, you will be able to update the contact assigned to new subscribers and field information.

Note: You can only update the subscriber list if you do not have any Syncbots. If you currently have a Syncbot but want to update the list, you will have to first delete the Syncbot, update the list information, and then recreate your Syncbot. 


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