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How to delete deals/contacts/activities

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About deleting items

  • Only Admins control whether or not regular users can delete deals.
  • Admins can delete deals, people, organizations, and activities.
  • Regular users cannot delete people or organizations. Only admins can.
  • Regular users can delete deals and/or activities, but only if given permission by the admin under Settings > Users & Permissions > Permissions.
  • If you don't see the option to delete your contact person and/or organizations, then you are not an admin. You'll either need to have your Pipedrive admin delete the record for you, or you'll need to become an admin yourself. Click here to learn more.
  • If you don't see the option to delete your deal, then you don't have permission to. Speak with whoever administrates Pipedrive in your company to have this restriction lifted here:

Individually delete an item (person/organization/deal) in its Detail View

Drag n' drop deals to be deleted in the Pipeline View

This deletes deals only.

Bulk-delete activities 

Bulk Delete any filtered list of deals/people/organizations

Any filtered list can be deleted in bulk. So for example you can filter your People by custom fields you've created, or just about anything, and then delete only the People that match your filter criteria. Once you select your filter, click the checkbox in the upper left corner; this will select ALL items in your filter, including any further down your screen.

Bulk delete selected items from deal/people/organizations list

You can also select multiple items from your list, and only delete your selection.