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How does Pipedrive avoid duplicates?

Obviously you may have People that have the same name right?

Whenever you run an import in Pipedrive, you'll be given the option to have Pipedrive recognize and merge duplicates together. Or you could opt to bypass this step.

Note - Only People & Organizations are merge-able. Deals have no duplicate detection, as Pipedrive is designed to allow multiple deals for the same contact.

Not sure which is right for you? Well let's talk about how exactly Pipedrive searches for duplicates and how it handles them.


After a "Name" has been recognized here’s what Pipedrive looks for to determine if it's a duplicate record:

Person - Organization

Person - Phone

Person - Email

If Pipedrive finds that ANY of those three fields match previously established People, it will instead map any unique data onto the previously established Person.


After a "Name" has been recognized, here’s what Pipedrive looks for to determine if it's a duplicate record:

Organization - Address

You can have Organizations with the same name, as long as you always specify the Address field as well. If the address matches the previously established Organization with the same name, then it will again map any unique additional data onto the previously established Organization.


So let’s take this spreadsheet for example. Let’s say you import this list of Contacts that all have the same name; a whole pack of Jon Snows. You'd eventually end up with 2 Jon Snows, because matching criteria was found in 3 of the same rows.