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Breandan Flood, June 21, 2022
Note: The number of Insights reports you can have depends on which plan you are on. You can learn more about usage limits in this article.

Insights reports allow you to create a visual representation of your sales performance in Pipedrive. There are different types of reports that you can create using Pipedrive's Insights feature, allowing you to gain a deeper of your team's performance.

Deal reports

Deal performance
The deal performance report gives you an overview of how many deals were started, won and lost in your Pipedrive account.


Deal conversion

Insights conversion gives you the conversion rate when a deal moves from stage to stage or from open to closed. It can be divided into two types of reports:

Funnel conversion reports allow you to clearly view your deal conversion rate between stages in your pipeline.


Win/loss conversion reports allow you to see the overall deal win and loss rates for various groups such as owner, organization and time periods.


Deal duration
The average time of your sales cycle. Deal duration makes it easier for your team to see where your sales are slowing down and allows you to make improvements to speed up your sales process.


Deal progress
This report gives you the ability to see the deal advancement through stages in the time frame specified, so you can see how well your deals have been progressing through your sales cycle.


Activity reports

Activities performance
The Insights activities performance report tracks the activities progress you and your team made.


Emails performance
Track your email performance of all emails sent or received using our email sync or Smart Bcc features.

Note: Regular users will only be able to see their own data by default in the Insights feature. To allow regular users to see the company's/other users’ data, you can go to Settings > Manage users > Permission sets > Regular user and enable the permissions "See other users", "See company’s statistics", and "See other users’ statistics".
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