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Activities: What they are, and how to add them


Activities in Pipedrive represent any scheduled action on your part towards the closing of a deal. It can be a phone call, lunch meeting, or even a ritualistic fire-walk. Whatever it is, you can schedule it with a Person, Organization, or Deal in your Pipedrive account.

  • Activities can be synced with Google Calendar.
  • Pipedrive includes a Scheduler that will make planning your activities easy.
  • Associating an Activity with a Deal will also associate that Activity with the Deal's assigned Person and/or Organization.

How to add an activity

  • In the the Pipeline View of the Deals tab
    Clicking on the activity icon in the deal tiles of the Pipeline View of the Deals tab allows for the quick scheduling of an activity.


  • In the Detail View of any Deal, Person, or Organization
    When in the Detail View of an item, add an activity to immediately schedule an activity within that item, and keep all of your information consistent.


  • In the List View of the Activities tab
    When in the Activities tab itself, you can quickly add an activity to make sure you're able to stay aware of all actions you need to take in the immediate future.


  • In the Contacts Timeline of the Contacts tab
    If you see that a specific contact has not had an activity scheduled in quite some time, you can quickly add an activity to make sure you don't drop the ball.


  • Through the Google Calendar sync
    When synced, the Google Calendar sync allows for your Google Calendar events to appear in Pipedrive, so that you can keep all of your relevant information in one place. 
    To learn how to sync your Pipedrive account to Google Calendar, click here.


Scheduling an activity

The 'Add an activity' prompt presents you with your entire day's agenda, alongside the fields necessary to schedule your next activity. This helps you to schedule your activities realistically, and prevents any overbooking or conflicts. This also gives you easy ways to reschedule your current activities.

Use the arrows next to the date to move to the next day's agenda, or drag-and-drop your currently-selected Activity to move its due date.

Custom activity types

Pipedrive comes with a basic set of activity types, but what if you need activities that are more specific to your company and its needs? Luckily, you can create custom activity types, with their own icon, to be able to make Pipedrive more specific to your business.

To create a new activity type in Pipedrive:

  • Go to Settings > Customize > Company settings > Activity types. All your activities are listed in this screen.
  • Click the Add activity type button to add a new activity type.
  • Choose an icon and name for your new Activity type, and click Save.


Voila! A new activity type is up and running! You will also be able to see the new activity type in the Activities subcategories of the Progress tab.


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