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Note: The Reports feature will be fully retired for all our users by December 2020. You can learn about our new Insights Reporting feature here.

are a great way to not only see how you're doing, but also forecast where you're going in the future. This allows you to prioritize your goals based on past performance, meaning you can constantly improve and keep closing more sales every month.

To access company reports within the Pipedrive app, go to Progress > Reports.


Pipedrive provides a number of default reports — in graph-form — based on the use and data within your company Pipedrive account.
Each bar on each graph is clickable, and presents a list of the data that makes up the content of that graph.
For example, if you're looking at Activities added and the bar shows 42, clicking on the bar in the graph it will provide you with the list of all 42 activities included in that bar.

Pipedrive offers...

Activities Effort

These options provide a good overview of how your team are performing in regards to adding and completing activities in your account.
These reports are good for gauging the efficiency of both your team and your processes.

  • Activities added
         Displays the activities added to the Pipedrive account, by user or activity type.
    Recommended for gauging how often a user adds their sales activities to the account.
  • Activities completed
         Displays the activities completed in the Pipedrive account, by user or activity type.
    Recommended for gauging how often a user marks added activities as having been complete.
  • Emails sent
         Displays the number of emails sent in Pipedrive, by user.
    Recommended for seeing how often users use Pipedrive for their email sales correspondence.
  • Emails received
         Displays the number of emails received in Pipedrive, by user.
    Recommended for seeing how often a user's email correspondence receives a response within Pipedrive.

For further information about your Activities Effort reports, click here

Pipeline Performance

These options assist you with forecasting in your account, based off of the performance of deals within your Pipedrive account.
Customers often take the results of these reports to understand the bottlenecks in their pipeline — seeing where deals get stuck most often — and fine-tune their sales processes accordingly.

  • Deals started
         Displays the number of deals started in the account and each deal's current status, and any products attached to those deals.
    Recommended for understanding which users are adding the most deals to the account, and the value of those deals — to identify ambitious salespeople.
  • Deal progress
         Displays the number of deals that have entered each stage of your pipelines, broken down by each stage or by which user progresses them.
    Recommended for understanding if your deals stall in one specific stage of your pipeline, to then address if there refinements to make in your processes.
  • Deal velocity
         Displays the average amount of time that occurs between a deal's creation date until that deal is marked as WON or LOST.
    Recommended for gaining insight into how effective your users or processes are in closing deals quickly. Often considered the most immediately-useful report.
  • Deal conversion
         Displays how many deals move from the first stage of a pipeline to the final stage, compared to deals marked as WON or LOST.
    Recommended for knowing if you lose many of your deals in one specific stage, allowing you to make improvements to address any issues.

For further information about your Pipeline Performance reports, click here.

Sales Performance 

These options are for simple and effective analysis of the bottom line: winning or losing deals.
These reports are excellent milestone reports, to demonstrate how many deals were closed in the account.

  • Deals won
         Displays the number of deals marked as WON in your Pipedrive account.
    Recommended for an easy at-hand report of how your company is bringing in income through its sales process.
  • Deals lost
         Displays the number of deals marked as LOST in your Pipedrive account.
    Recommended for an easy at-hand report of the deals that did not make it through, allowing you to do better in the future.

For further information about your Sales Performance reports, click here.


Having this general information is certainly helpful, but you may also need to get work with more specific information from your account.
By filtering out information in these reports, you can drill down to the most pertinent information regarding your deals and activities, identify trends or places to improve, and get to work on making your company more effective.

Within our Reports, we offer the ability to filter...

By user...

By time period...

And by pipeline.

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