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Why does Pipedrive skip my imported data?

When you run an import, Pipedrive will attentively put together a clean little report for you on any complications that arose during the import.
For example, if you were to import a list of People, and didn't include a mandatory field — such as the Name — then this row of information will be skipped.
It will then take that row, and organize it in a skip file.

You can download the skip file at any time to review the information of your import.
To access the skip file, go to Settings > Tools > Import data and click the Details option next to one of your completed imports, and click the Download skip file button


When you open your skip file, you will find the reason given for why any of your spreadsheet's contents were not imported into Pipedrive. 
The most common reasons are provided below, so that you may know how to adjust your spreadsheet in order to successfully import all of your data into Pipedrive on your next attempt.

  • "Deal title must be given"
    There are cases when deal title could not be autogenerated. Person or Org not mapped and Deal title missing
  • "Name must be given"
    No name columns used for persons
  • "Org name must be given"
    No name column used for orgs

  • "Deal not found"
    Used ID import, but ID didn’t exist
  • "Person not found"
    Used ID import, but ID didn’t exist
  • "Organization not found"
    Used ID import, but ID didn’t exist

  • "Please provide valid currency"
    Currencies — often used when importing the value of a deal — must be denoted without using its special character symbol. For example, USD and EUR would be correct but $ and € would not be.
  • "Unauthorized access"
    The URL for the Import Data page was provided to a user who is not authorized to import data into the account. Since only Admin Users are authorized to import data within Pipedrive, the import is rejected. 
  • "ID must be integer"
    When importing an ID field in Pipedrive, the content of that mapped field can only be an integer. If any text is in that field  — like EX1234 — then that information will fail. 
  • "Bad request"
    There has been some internal error within the import function in Pipedrive. If this issue persists, we suggest reaching out to our Support team for further information.


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