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Pipedrive integration: Aircall

Jenny Takahara, November 2, 2023
Note: Only admin users can set up the Aircall integration in a Pipedrive company account.

Aircall is an app designed to set and manage phone operations for companies around the globe. Specifically, Pipedrive's integration with Aircall allows users to make phone calls from Pipedrive using Aircall's functions, so you do not need to interrupt your workflow in Pipedrive in order to stay productive.

This integration will log all inbound/outbound calls and voicemails as activities in Pipedrive and automatically generate new Pipedrive contacts whenever you call a phone number that does not match an existing contact phone number in your Pipedrive database.

Before getting started, you will need to register (and confirm) a new account in Aircall.

  • Go to the Aircall website.
  • Register for a new account by providing an email address.
  • Confirm your new account via email at the provided email address.
  • Add a company phone number in Aircall web app.

Once your account is registered, you can begin connecting Aircall to Pipedrive.

  • Go to Integrations > Discover more integrations in the Aircall web app.
  • Click on Pipedrive > Install, select the number you would like to integrate and click "Next".
  • Enter your Pipedrive URL and Pipedrive API token when prompted.
  • Confirm that Pipedrive is now displayed as an active integration.

In order to set up a click-to-dial system in Pipedrive, you will have to first go to your Pipedrive company Tools and apps > Caller > Personal and set up the default calling method to "web+aircall:[number]", as shown below:

When you click on a phone number in Pipedrive, you will be prompted by your browser to allow Aircall to be your default calling program.


Once you confirm, you should now be able to make calls in Pipedrive with Aircall seamlessly.

The integration will also allow you to log the phone calls as completed or in-progress activities in Pipedrive. If you click on the Pipedrive Integration in the Aircall web app, you will be able to set up the type of activities you want each type of call to create.


You can invite your Pipedrive users to the same Aircall account and let everyone in your company use Aircall to receive and make phone calls. To invite additional users to Aircall, go to the Teams section in Aircall, and click on "Create Team or User".

These users will be sent an email and be prompted to install the Aircall desktop app to start receiving and making phone calls using your company phone number.

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