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How can I choose what to sync in the Email Sync?

Note: The Email Sync feature is available in the Gold plan. To switch to the Gold plan, go to Settings > Billing > Change plans.

When beginning the process of syncing your email through the Email Sync feature of Pipedrive,  it is possible to only sync a specific label or folder (or a set of labels or folders) to your Pipedrive account. In this way, you control which emails end up in the Mail tab of your Pipedrive account, and which do not.

If you find that you receive a large volume of emails that are not related to your sales in Pipedrive, we suggest only syncing specific labels into your Pipedrive account, which will keep your Mail tab clean and effective. If you receive primarily Pipedrive-related sales emails, it may be better to sync all emails, so that you can work effectively without having to switch between tabs in your browser. 

Pipedrive does not sync your entire email history, and only syncs from the range selected when the sync is initialized.
In this way, Pipedrive only brings in the emails that you wish, and does not crowd your Mail tab more than you intend.


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