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In the early stages of your lead generation process, you may find yourself with a lot of potential deals sitting in the early stages of your pipeline, not ready to move forward through the sales process but also not cold enough to be lost or deleted. This can cause a lot of clutter in your workspace and can distract you from focusing on the deals that need your immediate attention. 

Pipedrive's Leads inbox is a separate inbox to keep your prequalified leads in, before they become deals. Once you decide which leads can be qualified, you can easily convert them to deals and add them directly into your pipeline to start your sales process.

To access the Leads inbox, select Leads at the top of your Pipedrive screen. 

Adding Leads

Leads can be added through spreadsheet import, by clicking the Add lead button, or via Leadbooster
When adding a lead through the Add lead dialog, all fields are optional except either the Organization name or the Person name. 



Managing your leads

The Lead screen displays your current leads according to their lead title, label, creation date, and owner.
By default, these are sorted with the newest leads at the top, but you can rearrange leads by dragging them to their desired location. 


You can filter your leads according to their label and owner, by clicking on the filter buttons in the upper right and selecting your desired criteria. 



You can click on any lead to bring up their information in a panel on the right-hand side of the screen. This panel has a space to leave notes, assign or add a label, enter any contact details, and the option to delete the lead or convert the lead to a deal. 



Converting Leads to Deals 

When you've qualified the lead and you're ready to pursue it as a sale in your pipeline, you can click Convert to deal. This will bring you to a new dialog, where you can define the pipeline, visibility, and value of your new deal, similar to the add deal dialog.


Once completed, hit Save to convert the lead into a new deal. The lead will be removed from Leads and moved into the Pipeline specified. This will also create a new person and/or organization linked to the deal, and link any notes you've written on the lead with each contact.

If Pipedrive recognizes a potential duplicate contact, you will be prompted to review and select an existing contact if applicable. 



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