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How are emails threaded in Pipedrive?

Note: For optimal email threading, we highly recommend that you send emails from within Pipedrive's native email composition tool using Email Sync.
This is only available as part of our Gold plan in Pipedrive. To learn how to change plans, click here.

Email threads are Pipedrive's way of showing you the full email conversation you've had with specific participants. If you have the Email Sync enabled with Pipedrive's Gold plan, the emails you send and receive will be automatically put into threads within the Pipedrive Mail tab.
To ensure this works smoothly and as intended, we highly recommend you send emails from within the Pipedrive app using Email Sync.

If you choose to use a non-Pipedrive email composition client or Smart BCC, the email threading result may vary from being slightly to significantly different, as each email provider has their own threading logic. Additionally with Smart BCC, the way that emails are threaded within Pipedrive and the way your chosen client threads emails may not match.

We have built Smart BCC to be the best it can be considering the variety of different systems out there, but best results will always be achieved with Gold Plan's Email Sync. With Smart BCC — or when sending emails from within a different client — each threading logic is specific to the email provider. We suggest searching for more information as to your provider's specific threading logic within your chosen client's help documentation.

Keep in mind that emails in Pipedrive will still be threaded according to Pipedrive's logic, so the resulting threads within Pipedrive — and therefore associations with Deals, Organizations, and People — may vary from what you see in your third-party email client.

Note: If you use Gmail as your email provider, Pipedrive advises that you update to the newest version of Gmail's email client. The newest version of Gmail provides threading rules that are identical to Pipedrive's, allowing you to operate effectively without needing to be wary of differing threading rules.

The automatic behavior for creating email threads in Pipedrive is that if the system detects an email with a matching subject line and two or more matching participants — including the email sender — those emails will be threaded together, and thus can only be linked to one deal.
To better ensure that your emails don't inadvertently thread, we also recommend sending emails with unique subjects lines — such as "How Pipedrive can help ABC Company!" — for every email you wish to have its own thread.

For this reason it is simpler to use Pipedrive's native email composition tool, as it will ensure consistency and will prevent any confusion, as once an email is threaded, it cannot be unthreaded.

Threads in Pipedrive are displayed for your easy reference and do not mean that the emails within the thread are shared with every possible recipient. Unless an email is directly addressed to a recipient, they will not receive a copy — even if they are included in the thread.