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How can I add trigger values in the action event of my Workflow?

Note: Using trigger values in your workflow automation is only possible when adding the data to text type fields such as large text, or text type custom fields or email bodies.

When using the Workflow Automation feature, you can add existing field values from the triggering event into the action event of your workflow. This means that when the automation is triggered, information from triggered item fields will be automatically added to your created or updated item. 

You can do this by typing an open bracket ( [ ) into the action event of your workflow


Setting up your workflow

For example, if you would like to send an email to a deal's owner with the deal value included in the email body, you can do so with the open bracket functionality.  In the action event of your automation (Action- send email) you can add [deal value] to the body of the email.  The deal value from the triggering deal will automatically replace this trigger value in the email body. 

Below is how the trigger would look:


After selecting Send Email as the action event, you should type an open bracket in the body field of the email and select [Deal value].


Once you have selected the option from the dropdown, the deal value will be automatically pulled into the email to replace the trigger field when the action is executed.



Executing the action event

As soon as the automation is triggered, the email will send including the deal value.


You can learn how to send emails using Pipedrive's workflow automation by watching this video.

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