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The Rotting Feature

Note: Admin rights are required to perform certain actions listed in this article. Click here to learn more.

Designed to keep you on your toes, the rotting feature will allow you to take notice of deals that have remained idle for longer durations of time. Once enabled and configured, you'll see on your main pipeline, that your deals that are rotting will be highlighted in a red hue.

It's easily customizable and can be set up to rot your deals after any number of days you'd like, as well as different durations for any and every stage in your pipeline.

Note: To start using the Rotting feature, you have to enable it in the Settings under the Features section. This can only be done with administrative rights.

The rotting feature

Setting up the rotting feature

To define rotting periods for your pipeline stages:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Pipelines. The Customize Sales Stages page opens.
  2. Click on a sales stage name in the pipeline. The Edit stage dialog opens.
  3. Define the deal "rotting" option as On to enable the rotting feature for this stage.
  4. Define the number of days of inactivity after which the deal is marked as rotten in the display "rotting" after option.
  5. In the example above, any deal that's had no activity scheduled for over 5 days in the Idea stage, will be displayed as Rotting in the pipeline view.
  6. Click Save to save the settings.

Why do my deals with a next activity in the far future still get rotten in the pipeline?

The rotting feature does not look at the next activity date. If the next activity is set so far away that the deal can get rotten we generally suggest marking the deal as lost right after scheduling the next activity. You can set a specific lost reason so you could easily filter out such lost deals later. Nothing will happen to the scheduled activity when the deal has been marked as lost. So you'll still get a reminder when the time comes. You can follow up and if the response is positive you can easily reopen the deal. If the response is not positive the deal can remain lost. This way you can keep your pipeline nice and clean so you can focus on the deals that are actually moving along.

It's Rotten! What do I do!? (Example of a rotting deal)

If a deal has passed it's rotting date, you'll see a red hue over your deal from the pipeline view. If your deal is found to be rotten, simply schedule a new activity to get it back to normal.

Note: Also editing any details of the deal, (custom fields, expected close date, value, etc.) will restart the rotting cycle again and eliminate the red hue.

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