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Importing from your previous CRM (Import2 migration)

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How it works

If you're migrating your data from another CRM to Pipedrive, there's a pretty easy way to get the job done. Through a third party provider called Import2, you can let somebody else do the heavy lifting. With a couple of clicks a migration session will commence between your previous software and Pipedrive.

Depending on the amount of data you are migrating, the duration of the process can vary. We suggest allowing 24 hours.

How to use the Import2 migration tool:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Import data.
  2. Click Import from another software.
  3. Click the software name, from where you wish to import data. You are redirected to the Import2 page.
  4. Enter your username/e-mail and password of the respective software; this is the same username/email & password you would normally log into the previous software with.
  5. Click Test Connection to test the connection.
  6. Click Start Import to start the import. The Import2 importing page opens, displaying your import details and status.

Supported CRMs

You can currently migrate from any of the following software using Import2:

  1. Base CRM
  2. Batchbook
  3. Capsule CRM
  5. Highrise
  6. HubSpot
  7. Infusionsoft
  8. Insightly
  9. Maximizer
  10. MS Dynamics CRM
  11. NetSuite CRM
  12. Nimble
  13. Nutshell
  14. Onepage
  15. Pipedrive (yes you can migrate from Pipedrive to Pipedrive)
  16. Pipeline Deals
  17. Pipeliner
  18. Redtail CRM
  19. Sage ACT!
  20. Salesforce
  21. Salesforce IQ
  22. Sales Logix
  23. Solve
  24. SugarCRM
  25. ZohoCRM

Import2 limitations

  1. Maximum import size: 100,000 records (
  2. Available to all users regardless of their account billing status (trial and paying)
  3. Users can request up to 5 custom field mappings for free (but only after the initial import session has been completed)
  4. Multiple import sessions per account supported 
  5. Import customization requests are not covered (charges applicable)
  6. Import2 support (email support)
  7. (import status page with contact form embedded)
  8. (setup a call with a data migration expert)
  9. Import2 frequently asked questions (general):
  10. Import2 frequently asked questions (related to Pipedrive imports)