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Syncing with Google Drive

If you are no stranger to Google Drive, then you don't need us to tell you that switching to Google Drive from the default Pipedrive file storing system has many benefits. If you're still in the practice of downloading, editing, and re-uploading files or documents whenever an update is required, then say hello to the wonderful world of cloud document management.

Note: Email attachments are not stored in Google Drive. These are hosted on Pipedrive's own storage system.


Why use Google Drive? 

  • Accessibility: If Google Drive sync is enabled, all files will be stored in Google Drive so they're accessible through the Pipedrive interface.
  • Efficiency: The same file can be linked multiple times in Pipedrive, ensuring that the latest version of a document is always attached.
  • Easy Inline Editing: Uploaded files can be converted to Google Docs, viewed, and edited without having the download the file and open it in a separate software.
  • Easy Inline Creation: A new Google Doc can be generated inline.​


Syncing with Google Drive

Note: To sync your contacts with Google contacts, you should have your Google account already synced with your Pipedrive account.
If not, then follow the instructions here.

To sync your files with Google Drive:

  • Go to Tools and apps > Integrations > Google Drive to access the sync options.
  • Select Connect now to connect your Google Drive account.
  • Select Yes in the Use Google Drive option to enable the sync feature.
  • Select whether to store Pipedrive files in a separate folder on Google Drive.
  • Select whether to enable the sharing of all Google Drive files with other Pipedrive users in your company.


Note: When uploading files, you'll notice you have the option to 'Share' option. This will allow any Pipedrive member of your company to have read and write access to all files attached to Pipedrive by default.
You can use the following privacy settings in Google Drive:

  • View Only: If you want all Pipedrive users to be able to view but not edit your files, set your file to 'can view' or 'can comment'. 'Can comment' will allow other users to be able to leave comments on your files.
  • Private: If you'd like to keep specific files that are attached to deals private, or read only, you'll have to edit the sharing permissions within Google itself. In this case, files will still show in your file queue on Pipedrive, but others will not be able to open them.

Adding new files

Go to the Upload files tab in the Detail View of one of your deals. You'll see that, instead of only the 'Upload from your computer' option that you had prior to enabling the Google Drive sync, you now have several options:

  • Select from your computer: Upload a file directly from your computer, which keeps your file stored within Pipedrive, as well as migrate it over to Google Drive.
  • Import from Google Drive: Add a file that's already living in Google Drive. Simply begin typing the name of your file in, and once found, select it.
  • Create new: Create a file from scratch through Google Drive, automatically saving the file within both Pipedrive and Google Drive at once.



If you have created or added a file through Google Drive, you can simply click on your file, and you can easily view or edit your file directly from Pipedrive, as well as allow other Pipedrive users to view or edit your file directly from Pipedrive.

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