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The Products Feature


A product catalog is a great way to standardize pricing and deal reporting for the organization.

Enabling the products feature

By default, products are not activated in Pipedrive. To activate the feature:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Features.
  2. Click On in the Products section to enable the feature.

Products are now enabled for your account. You can access them from the Features page Go to Products link or click the respective Products button that appeared in the menu located at the top of Pipedrive.

Adding products

To add products:

  1. Navigate to Products (when the feature is enabled, then the respective menu option is visible in the upper menu, located at the very top of Pipedrive).
  2. Click Add New Product. The Add New Product dialog opens.
  3. Fill in the details about the product. Only the Name field is required.
  4. Click Save​ to save the product.

You can also add products new products on the fly, when adding new deals. If you define a product that has not been saved in your list of products, then it is saved along with the created deal.

Products and deals

When creating deals, the deal value can be either set directly, or generated as a calculation from the value of the products added to the deal, like this:

Back on the product page all the deals for that particular product are also tracked:

Once you start using Products, you'll see that Products become a visible option within your filters, thus allowing you to narrow down/export your data according to Product variables.