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How to deactivate a user

If an employee has left your company or simply no longer requires access, they can be deactivated from the Pipedrive company account. When a user is deactivated, all of the deals and contacts that they own remain in the account, but also remain owned by that deactivated user. 

Prior to deactivating a user in your Pipedrive account, we suggest first seeing if there are any deals or contacts currently owned by that user. To do so, filter for items owned by that user, and use our Bulk Edit function to change the Owner of those items.

If you have deactivated a user that may still have items assigned to their user account, you can reassign the ownership of those items to another user in your account, using the steps shown here

Deactivating a user from Pipedrive

Note: This action is only available to Admin Users.

  • Go to Settings > Users & permissions > Users.
  • Click on the 'Activated' tab found there.

Find the 'Deactivate' option here, and click to remove that user's access to the account:


Upon deactivating a user, you will be asked if you would also liked to remove that user's billed seat.
Read the difference between a billed seat and a Pipedrive user here.

  • If you don't remove the seat, then that seat still exists in your account. This allows you to add another user to replace the previously deactivated user easily, without having to process multiple billing transactions.
  • If you do remove the seat, then Pipedrive automatically provides credit for the time remaining in the billing period for that seat after removal.

Note: Any credit in your Pipedrive account will be used towards future Pipedrive invoices. 

If you do not plan on replacing that deactivated user with a new user, we suggest removing the billed seat. Even if you did not remove it during the initial deactivation, you can still remove the seat later. To do so, go to Settings > Billing or Settings > Users & permissions, and click Remove unused seats.



Note: Pipedrive is billed by the number of active seats in the company Pipedrive account. Deactivating a user may adjust the cost of your Pipedrive subscription if doing so decreases the number of active seats in the account. Read more about that here.