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How is Pipedrive data organized?

No matter what word you choose to use for your deals, leads, or opportunities, there are people out there in the real world that you need to talk to in order to make your sales grow. These people could be stand-alone individuals or representatives of a whole organization.
So how do we present all of our contact information in Pipedrive, as well as track the actions and processes the contact is subject to?

  • People and Organizations are the profiles that hold the important information related to that Contact, like phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Deals are the specific transactions you are pursuing with Contacts — like closing a sale or agreeing to a contract. Deals are tracked through specific stages of a sales Pipeline as they progress, and are used to document all actions taken to close the sale.
  • Activities are scheduled tasks used to close a sale, and can be associated with People, Organizations, or Deals.
  • Email is the correspondence you have with People within an Organization about a Deal.


People (Contacts)


People contacts are the specific customers that you are selling to from Pipedrive. These Person contacts are the backbone of the sales process, and any information relating to each contact — like scheduled activities, or emails — will be tracked in the Detail View of that Person.


Organizations (Contacts)


Organizations act as larger collections of data in Pipedrive. All of the People related to an Organization will be listed in it's Detail View, as well as any Notes or Activities performed in relation to any People/Deals related to the Organization.

  • Organizations are the companies that your People Contacts work for, and contain information like a mailing address, or industry information.
  • Organizations can contain multiple People.
  • Organizations can have multiple Deals open for them at the same time.
  • Organizations can be related to other Organizations.
  • Organizations can be synced with your contact providerimported from a previous CRM, or imported from a CSV or XLS file.




The ongoing transaction you are pursuing with a Person or Organization in Pipedrive is tracked as a deal, which is processed through the stages of your pipeline until it is either WON or LOST.

In Pipedrive, deals contain all of the actions taken towards the closing of a sale. Deals will also pull all information from the Person or Organization that they are associated with, which you can find in the Detail View of that deal.

For more information on Deals, click here.

  • Deals can be associated with a Person, an Organization, or both!
  • Deals track all events and movements that take place throughout your sales process.
  • Since a Deal is connected to a contact, any actions you perform on the Deal will also be associated with the Person/Organization related to it.
  • Deals can be imported from a previous CRM, or imported from a CSV or XLS file.
  • The progress of the deals in your account is tracked as Progress in your account.





At the beginning of your sales process, you may have potential deals sitting in your pipeline that you are not ready to start working on yet.

Pipedrive's Leads inbox is a separate inbox to keep your prequalified Leads in before they become deals. Once you decide which Leads can be qualified, you can easily convert them to deals and add them directly into your pipeline.

For more information on our Leads inbox, click here.

  • You can add leads by spreadsheet import, by clicking the Add lead button, or via LeadboosterYou can read more about how to add new leads here.
  • When adding a Lead through the Add Lead dialog, all fields are optional except either the Organization name or the Person name.
  • The order of the Leads in your Leads inbox is determined by the activity status of each Lead with Leads needing the most urgent attention at the top and lowest urgency at the bottom.
  • When you've qualified the lead and are ready to pursue it as a deal in your pipeline, you can click Convert to dealThis will bring you to a new dialog, where you can define the pipeline, visibility, and value of your new deal.




An activity represents any action on your part towards the closing of a sale. It can be a phone call, a lunch meeting, or even a ritualistic firewalk. Whatever it is, you can schedule it in relation to a Person, Organization, or a Deal.

For more information on Activities, click here.





Mail, unsurprisingly, is a conversation you're having with a contact regarding a deal — from prospecting them in order to get one started, to putting the finish touches on closing the deal.
The Mail tab of your Pipedrive account holds all email that you decide to keep a record of in Pipedrive.

Mail is tracked along with your People and Deals through Pipedrive's Email Sync.

  • If the Person you have emailed exists in Pipedrive, the email will be associated with them. If the Person does not exist yet in Pipedrive, the email will create a new Person and link that email thread to them.
  • Replies from your contacts can also be forwarded to your Pipedrive Mailbox, and Pipedrive will document them in the same email thread as a reply from the customer.
  • Attachments in emails are available everywhere the email is associated and are also available in the Files tab of any detail page.
  • If a Deal is open for the contact who the email has been sent to, Pipedrive will associate the email thread with the Person as well as the open Deal.


Note: If multiple deals are open for a Person who has been sent an email, Pipedrive will provide a list of all open deals for that Person, and allow you to choose which deal to associate to the email.



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