Klikk her for å finne ut hvordan du kontakter oss!



The scheduler is a great way to keep in touch with your clients at a time that's convenient for you both.

To start scheduling, go to settings and click on 'Scheduling', or go to Activities and click 'Propose Times' - from there, you'll have the option to schedule a new event.

From here, you can create and name either a regular event or a recurring event. The name of the event will appear at the top of the form that your customer will fill in. A regular event can be set to happen once, or multiple times, but will only happen on the specific date that you have set, for example:


For a recurring event you just get a list of days of the week, a start date, and end date. Where you add the events, they will recur every week on that day and time until the end date:


Click on a time block in the list to create an event, then, if you'd like to edit the length or change the start time, click on the pencil in the right hand corner of the calendar block:



Once you've set up the events, you'll get a link to share with customers. Click on the link to automatically copy it to your clipboard, then paste it to distribute that through your channel of choice such as email or social media.

Customers who click it will get a list of available times in your timezone that you are available:


They can select a time from the available options, enter their contact details, and Pipedrive will automatically fill that time slot for other users, create a contact person within Pipedrive, create an activity for you in Pipedrive, and send you an email:


If you want to track how your event is doing, you'll find it back under Settings > Scheduling, where you can see all the events scheduled, and find your sharable link if you'd like to re-send it:


That way, all you have to do is attend the meeting, and close that deal!