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Pipedrive-Asana integration

Sometimes you need to forward data from your team to another team who might be using a different tool.

As much as we'd love it if everyone used Pipedrive for everything in work and life in general, we understand it might not always be the best tool for some jobs - if you need to hammer in a nail, sometimes you just need a hammer!*

For when another tool better suits another part of your team, a whole process of getting these tools to talk to each other for example through Zapier, or the dreaded manual work, is required.

However, if the tool being used by another team is Asana, you're in luck - enter the Asana-Pipedrive integration.

Setting it up is dead easy, all you need to do is go to Settings > Asana Integration and click 'Authorize Asana Account' and follow the steps on screen.

Then you'll need to create a rule.

The rule will act as a trigger to get your information from Pipedrive to Asana - there are a couple of criteria that you can use for triggering this:

  • Deal is won
  • Deal is lost
  • Deal is moved to a specific stage

Once you've set up what event you want to trigger the transfer of information from Pipedrive to Asana. Currently the information that can be transferred is as follows:

  • Deal Title
  • Deal Value
  • Contact Deatils
  • Organization Details
  • Notes

All the above can be toggled on and off except Deal Title which is a required field.

Once this is set up, every deal that meets the rule, or trigger, will create a task in Asana with the specified information points, so which ever team you need to forward your information on to can follow up!

Not one for words and want to see the above instructions in video-form? Watch this:


Note: Currently the Pipedrive - Asana integration only supports one rule, and is only one-way.

*If you, a colleague, a friend, or a guy you met in the pub has had any success hammering nails using Pipedrive, please send us video and/or photo evidence. We'd love to see it. For science.